Message from President

Enterprises for All!


Ever since the founding of NHK Enterprises, Inc. (NEP) in 1985, we have been a core business organization within the NHK Group. We continue to engage in a wide range of commercial activities including developing and producing programs and events; buying and selling media content; licensing; creating digital media content; and more. On April 1, 2020, NEP merged with NHK PLANNET, bringing under our umbrella a network of seven regional offices that we are now leveraging to push forward with initiatives to benefit Japan’s regions.

In NEP’s new Medium-Term Management Plan (covering 2021-2023), we adopted this management vision and mission statement: “Enterprises for All! Be bold, be innovative, and be constructive! Create positive impact on society as a whole and on individuals throughout society.” This vision statement plays on the double meaning of the word “enterprise.” In the business world, “enterprises” is usually a synonym for “companies” or “corporations.” But the word “enterprise” means an eagerness to boldly seek out new possibilities, embracing and creating change instead of fearing change. In this context, the word “enterprises” means ventures and initiatives to take on daunting and difficult new challenges. In the current era of uncertainty and anxiety, NHK Enterprises aspires to be a company that dares to seek out unknown and undiscovered business frontiers, in order to create new value that is constructive of a better society.

In 1962, President John F. Kennedy, in a famous speech at Rice University in the US state of Texas, declared “We choose to go to the moon… and do the other things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard, because that goal will serve to organize and measure the best of our energies and skills…” At the time many NASA employees had been steeling themselves for the US space program’s budget to be contracted, but President Kennedy vowed to expand it instead. In our day, we find ourselves in a time when the media environment is undergoing dramatic changes, and business conditions remain very difficult. This is precisely the reason that we need to be resolute and energized to move forward into a new era without being held back by the outlook of the past.

The core of our business is to fulfill the mission of the NHK Group to “accomplish six core public values.” In 2019, NHK Enterprises became a signatory to the SDG Media Compact. The programs, events and content that we produce and sell contribute to progress on many of the 17 SDGs. Working to positively impact society leads to a brighter world. We seek out issues that are negatively impacting people’s lives, and pursue solutions. We are working to instill a corporate culture rooted in SDG-oriented thinking, in which every NEP employee is on the lookout for relevant issues, in order to take action for positive change.

No matter how uncertain the future may be in these times, we affirm that our business has unlimited opportunities to contribute constructively to society as a whole, and to the pursuit of happiness of individuals throughout society. We will excite and inspire everyone with richly innovative content, putting smiles on people’s faces around the world. We will provide unforgettable experiences that enable people to connect with each other, and ideas to flow. By deepening our cooperation with NHK and other companies in the NHK Group, we will exert our full capabilities to developing content and services that are valuable to everyone, and contribute to progress toward a sustainable society.

NHK Enterprises, Inc. will continue to grow in the coming years by putting into action our vision to “Be bold, be innovative, and be constructive!” This “Enterprises for All!” vision will power our mission to have a “positive impact on society as a whole and on individuals throughout society.”