Message from President

NHK Enterprises, Inc. (NEP) is a media content company with an output of more than 10,000 distinct works each year, foremost of which are a wide range of programs for broadcast on NHK, but which also span the conception, execution and promotion of digital media, events and more. Meanwhile, through our network of seven branch offices around Japan, we actively pursue content services that benefit each region of the country. We also develop new technologies that open the door to innovative and engaging content.

In 2019, NHK Enterprises became a signatory to the SDG Media Compact. Both our media content and our business operations contribute to progress on many of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals. In December 2022, NEP was brought under the umbrella of the newly established NHK Media Holdings. We believe this will foster more synergies with fellow companies and spark the creation of even more diverse and compelling content for the NHK Group.

The aim of our content is to excite and inspire people, and we believe that outstanding content has the power to serve as a source of positivity and persistence in tough times. Society today is flooded with unreliable information, making the provision of trusted information and multiple points of view more important than ever to the progress of democracy. NEP aims to contribute to the creation of a new and diverse culture by making content that dives deeply into intellectual topics, while also providing high-quality entertainment and exciting, energizing experiences. Ultimately, our mission at NEP is to release content that will enrich people’s lives and positively impact society on every level, from the global to the local.

The word “enterprises” as a noun usually refers to “companies” or “corporations.” But as a verb “enterprise” means to boldly take on daunting and difficult new challenges in order to seek out new possibilities, without fearing change. This boldness is declared in NEP’s vision statement to be part of our organizational DNA. Our world today, plagued by growing uncertainty and anxiety about what the future holds, needs more than ever compelling media content that boldly and fearlessly breaks new ground. You can count on NEP to strive with all our resources to deliver that type of content to the people of Japan and the world.