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NHK Enterprises produces, develops, and sells media content, including production of NHK programs and other visual content, event planning and production, program and character licensing, and sales of products such as DVDs and Blu-ray discs. We can respond to a wide range of content-related needs.


Worldwide Sales of NHK Programs

We sell NHK programs of various genres, ranging from dramas and documentaries to animation, to overseas broadcasters and distributors. We market a diverse range of content to various media outlets around the world, including selling the program format for programs like The New Anatomy Show.

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Program Acquisitions

With long and extensive experience in the international market, NHK Enterprises acquires the best content from around the world for various Japanese media, including NHK. The genres we deal with range from drama, documentary, film to classical and popular music, performing arts and animation.

NHKスペシャル「世界初撮影! 深海の超巨大イカ」(NHK総合)

Productions, Co-Productions

We are involved in a diverse range of international undertakings, including co-producing programs and other visual content with leading international broadcasters and production companies as well as holding visual content-related events.

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Domestic Services

Media Production

We produce TV and radio programs for NHK, ranging from documentaries and dramas to anime and entertainment. We are also involved in planning and production of large-display visuals using 8K, 4K and other high-definition video and projection mapping, production of theatrical films, and much more.

Event Planning and Production

From major events such as the Tokyo Jazz Festival, Robocon, National Cultural Festivals and Expos, to symposia and forums on themes such as social welfare and the environment, we handle all aspects of production—including planning, direction and management—for a wide variety of events.


We handle copyright management and licensing for NHK programs and their characters. We also sell NHK programs to cable and satellite broadcasters and programs purchased from overseas, and supply broadcast footage stored in NHK Archives.


We produce and sell DVDs and Blu-ray discs of NHK broadcast programs and footage stored in NHK Archives. We also sell merchandise for Domo-kun and other characters generated from NHK programming.

Digital Content Production

In addition to planning and production of webpages and digital signage, operation of mobile websites, and planning and production of data broadcasts and interactive programs, we produce wide-ranging content such as the top pages for NHK’s Hybridcast next-generation broadcasting service.

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For details of our services in Japan, please see our Japanese website.

About Us

Name NHK Enterprises, Inc.
Represented by President and CEO Hisashi Anzai
Founded on 1 April 2005
No. of employees 565 (as of 1st July, 2019)
Company Structure Company Structure
Capital fund 1.25 billion yen
Amount of sales 59.1 billion yen (2018 end of fiscal year)

Message from Mr. Hisashi Anzai,
President and CEO

From Shibuya to the World
The NHK Group: Forging the Future

Mr. Hisashi Anzai, President and CEO

As a member of the NHK Groups, NHK Enterprises, Inc. (NEP) takes pride in filling over 13,000 slots on NHK’s programming timetable, running the whole gamut from dramas, idol-featuring entertainments, traditional performance arts and international debates to animated cartoons, with its production capabilities generating such successful shows as “Don’t Sleep Through Life!”, “Go! Kaneo-kun”, “Nature Wonder Land” in addition to other highly evaluated historical dramas, Art-Festival-Grand-Prize-winning serial dramas, etc.

Our line of business covers not only program production but also distribution of DVDs, digital exploitation of visual content, developing and planning of events and symposiums, sales and purchases, both domestic and international, of content, as well as exploitation of character licenses.
We NEP aim to be constantly ready and available as a partner close at hand to all sectors.

Citing recent examples, an inquiry handled at our customer service center has consequently lead to our own involvement in the production of visual material on the Petra ruins in Jordan for exhibition use at a museum. At the time of the Hokkaido Eastern Iburi Earthquake, we were given the chance to help bring back tourists as part of the damage recovery campaign by employing our own social networking expertise and by involving celebrities and influential V-tubers as well as volunteers from the local communities. At SXSW 2019, in the meantime, a festival of cutting-edge technology held in Texas, the VR experience displayed at our booth that three-dimensionally reproduced the city of Shibuya as it was back in 1964 resulted in drawing the attention of several leading companies appearing to be avidly interested to develop something new in collaboration with us.
We are open at all times to any such fortuitous encounters.

Our forte is that we are always prepared to work shoulder to shoulder with talented partners both at home and abroad. In addition to NHK’s professional certainty and firmness rubbing off on us, we are capable of offering “fun” content and services with a hoard of unfettered minds and methods of presentation adopting the up-to-date design and technology.
Please feel free to call upon us at any time for any type of fusion.


President and CEO Hisashi ANZAI
Executive Managing Director Mikio SATOH
Senior Managing Directors Yoshitaka YANAGIDA
Managing Directors Yuichi SUWA
Atsushi OSHIDA

Mitsunobu OZAKI


Hideo IIDA

Hidenori KOUCHI

Yasuhiro KAN

Non-executive Director Haruo KAKEGAWA


Hidetoshi YUKAWA


Takaaki SATOH

Outside Auditor Hiromi KIMURA
Auditor Satoshi ATSUMI
Outside Non-executive Auditor Yuka TSUTSUMI
Auditor Haruhiko MINENO

Corporate History

1985 16 January Establishment of “NHK Enterprises, Inc.”
1986 27 January Establishment of “SOGOVISION INC.”
1989 16 June Establishment of “NHK Creative, Inc.”
1989 28 June Establishment of “NHK Software, Inc.”
1990 5 July Establishment of “Media International Corporation”
1994 Establishment of “NHK Enterprises America, Inc.” and “NHK Enterprises Europe Ltd.”
1995 1 April Establishment of “NHK Enterprises 21, Inc.” by the merger of “NHK Enterprises, Inc.” and “NHK Creative, Inc.”
2005 1 April Establishment of “NHK Enterprises, Inc.” by the merger of “NHK Software, Inc.” and “NHK Enterprises 21, Inc.”
2010 1 April Merger between “NHK Enterprises, Inc.” and “Media International Corporation”
2010 1 April Establishment of “NHK Cosmomedia America, Inc.” by the merger of “NHK Enterprises America, Inc.” and “Japan Network Group, Inc. (JNG)”
2010 1 April Establishment of “NHK Cosmomedia Europe Ltd.” by the merger between “NHK Enterprises Europe Ltd.” And “Japan Satellite TV (JSTV)”
2013 1 July Merger between “NHK Enterprises, Inc.” and “SOGOVISION INC.”

Main Shareholders

NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation)
NHK Technologies, Inc.
Japan Broadcast Publishing Co., Ltd.
NHK Global Media Services,Inc.
Mizuho Bank, Ltd.

Offices in Japan

Overseas Affiliates

NHK Cosmomedia America

NHK Cosmomedia Europe

Nippon Production Service (Bangkok)

NPS Bangkok

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