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Privacy Policy

Basic Policy on the Protection of Personal Information

NHK ENTERPRISES, INC. enjoys the trust of its customers as a producer of programs for broadcast by NHK, provider of broadcast images as commercial products and organizer of special events, etc.

With the permission of the person or persons concerned, we do utilize personal information in the course of these activities for the purposes of providing services and information to customers. Our company accordingly applies strict and appropriate attention to the protection of personal data.

Our company has tightened up its Basic Policy on the Protection of Personal Information, as detailed below, in view of the anticipated rapid advances of digital media and in order to provide customers with full peace of mind. Internal sharing of personal information is restricted and a Compliance Program has been established in line with the terms of the Act on the Protection of Personal Information.

  1. The gathering, utilization and provision of personal information shall be performed for clearly stated purposes in an appropriate and fair manner.
  2. The control of personal information shall be performed in an appropriate manner under the supervision of a specially appointed member of staff and its disclosure to external third parties is prohibited. Safeguards shall be established at an appropriate and rational level with regard to the dangers of improper external access and loss of, damage to, revision of or leakage of personal information, and, besides these preventive measures, fast and appropriate remedial action shall be taken if any untoward incident occurs.
  3. The gathering of personal information shall be restricted to the scope of items required for the stated purposes and such information shall be handled with proper care in order to protect the customer’s rights from damage.
  4. No personal information shall be disclosed to any third party, other than a sub-contractor, without the agreement of the customer.
  5. The Compliance Program shall be updated in a continuing manner in accordance with changes in the information environment.

Behavior that undermines the protection of personal information shall be treated severely.

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